Sunday, February 27, 2011

Irony Sucks

Waaaayyyy Back when Winter got started at the beginning of November, the sickness season also began.  Viruses, bugs, bacterial ickiness and general sickness galore has gone through just about every household of everyone I know in my county.  There are probably only a handful of kids in school that will get perfect attendance this year, that is if any of them at all were spared. 

My kids don't usually fall to every illness sweeping the schools and my husband never gets sick.  I can't remember the last time I was really ill myself.  Overall, I say our family has a pretty good immune response to all the icks that go around.  Last year was the swine flu in which Naomi was the only one to fall victim.  Somehow she fought the flu for 7 days on the living room couch and did not infect anyone else in the house.  Last year was a victory for us.

This year, it seems as if any immunity we had stored up over the years was repeatedly attacked.  Hendrix, my son has been sick two times this winter.  He was the first victim of this horrible season.  He woke up at 3AM one morning and came in our room and puked on the floor.  He is 5 years old and had never puked before, so it was new, scary and just overall miserable for him and everyone involved.   Hendrix's immune response is strong.  He has a knack for kicking out a virus within 24 hours.  He missed one day of school and was back and ready to roll.  Around one week later, Naomi wakes at 3 AM and pukes all over her floor and about 30 minutes after Nathan and I have the bathroom and her bedroom cleaned up from that catastrophe, he starts getting sick.  Both Nathan and Naomi were sick for around 48 hours.  They puked and got a fever and then it passed.  Everyone in the house had been sick and I was feeling the impending doom, but it never came. 

About three weeks later, Hendrix once again was sick and missed about three days of school.  He had the flu.  He just wanted to lay around for a few days and had a fever.  The flu swept through the households and school relentlessly.  It seemed as if everyone was rushing for their dose of Tamiflu. I thought that the whole family would fall victim once again, but it never happened...thank goodness.

Even though more viruses have plagued the school since these instances, our home has been sickness free.  We came out a lot better than most families, who had things go around the house multiple times and whose kids missed weeks of school.  Now it is right on the edge of spring.  The groundhog predicted that spring would come early and other than a minor setback of a snow storm last week, it has kept to it's promise. I felt like we were in the clear...then BAM!  I feel like I have been hit by a Mac Truck.  I finally fell ill today.  Nothing serious yet, but I feel it could have the potential to not be good in the coming days. 

The whole irony of the situation is that I am the one who HATES winter will all my heart and soul.  Being cold is the worst form of torture to me.  This Winter has been completely unbearable for me and even though it has affected me in other years, this is the first year that I am afraid I suffer from SAD.  (Seasonal Affect Disorder)  The few nice 60 degree days the last few weeks have been heaven to me.  I was just starting to come off of my funk when today at 60+ degrees when I should have taken the kids on a hike or to the park, mid-day my throat starts to hurt like it's swollen shut, I am coughing, my chest feels almost wheezy and my head has been pounding.  I am hot and then cold at the same time.  The only thing missing is the fever.  So now the nice weather is here and I kick off the spring when I should be out walking, hiking, and soaking up the sun, by being miserable and sick. 

While I hate to be sick, I also am hoping that this is some kind of bug.  If this is my allergies already acting up, I am going to have a loooonnnngggg spring.  :(

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